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How to choose seal kit

A good sealing system, there should be low friction, zero leak, high temperature resistant, high pressure resistance, resistance to lateral load characteristics.

In the normal circumstances, FDS SEAL KITS must also consider the factors:

  •       The system pressure, the seals should be in high pressure or low pressure can keep sealing.
  •       The hydraulic equipment environment: indoor or outdoor working temperature
  •       The hydraulic oil cylinder stroke length and working frequency
  •       The system temperature, movement speed
  •       Working time and rest time
  •       The installation of the hydraulic device forms: horizontal or vertical
  •       The installation conditions
  •       The roughness of seals surface
  •       The sealing characteristics of the material
  •       The properties of the medium and the compatibility of materials
  •       Enough elasticity and dimensional stability, having compensate for the change of the cylinder bore
  •       In high pressure and large space being squeezed out
  •       Preventing particles from entering the system When material abrasion and wear
  •       Lateral load


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