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Analysis of hydraulic cylinder leakage

Analysis of hydraulic cylinder leakage

The leakage 2 hydraulic cylinder
The hydraulic cylinder internal leakage has two, one is the static seal between the piston and piston rod, as long as the choice of suitable O ring can prevent oil leakage; another part is the dynamic seal between the piston and cylinder wall. Causes of the leakage hydraulic cylinder;
(1) the piston rod is bent or the piston rod is coaxial. When the piston and cylinder coaxiality tolerance, one side of the piston and the cylinder outer gap sound is reduced, the cylinder diameter to produce eccentric wear and leakage, can also cause serious leakage within the cylinder, so that increased.  
(2) seal damage or failure. When the seal material or structure type and the use of conditions do not match, will cause internal leakage. For example, soft sealing material, sealing parts of the hydraulic cylinder is easy to squeeze into the sealing gap, which is; seal failure, the amount of compression is not enough, aging, damage, geometric precision processing is not qualified, poor quality, non regular products, seal hardness, pressure rating, deformation rate and intensity index is not qualified if the seal; improper installation, surface wear or hardening, and end of life but not in time to replace, all will cause leakage; (3) iron and hard foreign bodies into the hydraulic cylinder, the general 0.5mm of the gap between the piston and cylinder, if iron or foreign bodies embedded in them, will due to scuffing caused by internal leakage. (4) seal design, processing and installation problems. If the design of the sealing ring does not meet the standard requirements, groove dimension is not reasonable, seal with low precision, with the ultra poor gap, will cause the seal damage caused by leakage; when the sealing surface roughness and flatness outoftolerance or machining quality is also poor, will also lead to seal operation caused by leakage; if the assembly is not careful, joint dust or arising from the operation of large plastic deformation, will cause leakage. (5) of the hydraulic cylinder piston radius size and roundness error of the piston burr or depression, chrome abscission etc., will cause the internal leakage.


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