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Hydraulic cylinder leakage

Hydraulic cylinder leakage

Leakage of hydraulic cylinders are generally the following situations.
(1) the oil leakage between the piston rod and the relative surface of the guide sleeve. If the hydraulic cylinder does not leak under the conditions of reciprocating motion, the piston rod surface and the seal between the dry friction state, but will increase the wear of seals, greatly shorten the service life. As a result, a certain degree of oil leakage between the surface of the piston rod and the sealing member is allowed to play the role of lubrication and friction reduction, but the piston rod is not required to leak oil at rest. Piston rod movement of 100mm, the amount of oil spills shall not exceed two drops, otherwise it will be regarded as a serious leakage. Along the piston rod and the guide sleeve seal leakage is mainly due to the installation on the guide sleeve (YX type) the damage of the sealing ring and the piston rod is pulled from the slot, caused by pit.
(2) oil leakage along the outer seal between the cylinder and the guide sleeve. The sealing cylinder and the guide sleeve is static seal, may cause oil leakage reasons: the seal quality is not good enough; the sealing ring compression; sealing ring from being scratched or damaged; the quality of cylinder and the guide sleeve seal groove rough surface processing. (3) and a hydraulic cylinder with the oil spill caused by defects. If the hydraulic cylinder and its cooperation with the existence of defects in the hydraulic system under the pressure pulsation or impact vibration will gradually expand the oil spill caused by. For example, a guide sleeve casting the casting holes, voids and shrinkage caused by the oil spill; or the cylinder oil leakage caused by defects; or cylinder cover has defects caused by the oil spill.
(4) the oil leakage between the cylinder body and the end surface. When the sealing surface of the O seal failure or compression is not enough, aging, damage, accuracy is not qualified, poor processing quality, non formal products, or repeated use, there will be oil spills. As long as the appropriate choice of O ring can solve the problem.


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