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using seal kit attention matters

1, before the start of the preparatory work and precautions

A, a comprehensive inspection of mechanical seals, and ancillary equipment and pipeline installation is complete, whether in line with technical requirements.
B, mechanical seal before starting static pressure test, check the mechanical seal for leakage. If the leak more, should find out the reasons to try to eliminate. If it is still invalid, it should be disassembled and reinstalled. General hydrostatic test pressure with 2 to 3 kg / square centimeter.
C, according to the pump rotating wheel car, check whether the light evenly. Such as wheeling difficult or immobile, you should check whether the assembly size is wrong, the installation is reasonable.
2, installation and outage
A, should be kept sealed before starting chamber filled with liquid. For transport of solidified media, vapor is used to heat the sealed chamber to melt the medium. Must be turned before the start to prevent a sudden start soft ring caused by fragmentation.
B, for the use of pump oil seal outside the mechanical seal system, oil seal system should be activated. Stop the oil seal system after stopping.
C, hot oil pump outage can not immediately stop the sealing cavity and seal the end of the cooling water, should be sealed to the end of the oil temperature down to 80 degrees below before they can stop the cooling water, so as not to damage the sealing parts.
3, running
A, if the pump starts after a slight leakage, should be observed for some time. Such as continuous operation for 4 hours, the amount of leakage is still not reduced, you should stop the pump check.
B, the operating pressure of the pump should be stable, the pressure fluctuation is not bigger than 1 kilogram / square centimeter.
C, pump in operation, should avoid the phenomenon of taking the time to avoid the sealing surface dry friction and seal damage.
D, seal the situation should always check. In operation, when the leakage exceeds the standard, the heavy oil is not more than 5 drops / min, light oil is not greater than 10 / min, such as 2-3 days still no improvement trend, should stop the pump check the sealing device.


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